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Moolah's GO GREEN Video

Moolah the Manatee GO GREEN Lyrics 

My Name is Moolah and I Live in the Keys,
I swim in the Water where I eat the leaves,
I Love fresh water and I bask in the Sun,
But I hide from the boats and propellers that Stun!
I need more Friends to help the world stay Green…
To protect our planet and keep our water clean,
Love Mother Earth like you love your Kin and
Don’t be afraid to “Stand Up” and “Kick In”!
Together we can do it…Together we all win,
If we swim together and we don’t give in!
Don’t be slackers and don’t be fakes,
Join Moolah today to do whatever it takes!
One for the money…Two for the show,
Three to get ready…now GO, GO, GO - GREEN!
My Name is Moolah and I live in the Keys,
I love warm water but I don’t like to freeze,
I live in the ocean and enjoy the warm breeze,
But I need your help to go Green with ease!
So Come to your senses and come to your mind and
Pick up any Trash that you can find…
But listen to Moolah the one who Knows…
Together we can do it and our efforts will show!
So Join Moolah now to make a difference & shine…
Join Moolah today to make Mother Earth more Fine!

© Copyright First State Bank of the Florida Keys 2012 all Rights Reserved

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