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First State Bank of the Florida Keys Launches Keys Going Green Program

There is a growing concern that the combined effects of global warming, climate change, and irresponsible waste management pose a great threat to the earth and the beautiful Florida Keys that we call home.

At First State Bank of the Florida Keys, we believe that responsible environmental policies and community leadership are essential to the health of our company, community, and society.

The Bank recognizes and appreciates that every part of our business and personal lives has a lasting impact on our environment and that failure to recognize and reduce the ongoing damage to the environment threatens the long-term sustainability of our planet, the economy, and our Keys community.

First State Bank, therefore, is assuming a leadership position with the community, its customers, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and regulatory agencies to promote green strategies that reduce energy usage, reuse resources, and increase recycling through example, incentives and education.

To support its environmental leadership position, First State Bank has launched an aggressive and Going Green initiative designed to:

  • Implement energy reduction, reuse and recycling programs at all bank locations!
  • Encourage community involvement through incentives and education outreach programs!
  • Partner with local businesses and government to sponsor green initiatives!
  • Actively sponsor and support Green organizations both locally and nationally!

“The Bank’s ongoing Going Green initiatives are a reflection of our local commitment and are designed to help the community become more eco-friendly through understanding, education, and action.” said Karen Sharp, President and Chief Executive Officer. “I encourage the Keys community to join us in finding ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle both at work and in our personal lives. It is the responsible thing to do for our community, our children, and our future.”

For over 50 years, First State Bank of the Florida Keys has been a constant that the Keys community can rely on and its Going Green initiatives are just one more example. As the only locally owned and operated bank Keyswide, First State Bank of the Florida Keys is committed to providing the people of Monroe County with the focus, leadership, and
personalized service that only a community bank can give.

With over 180 employees from Key West to Key Largo, First State provides residents with the convenience of 11 Keyswide branches, dozens of ATMs, and old fashioned customer service while keeping our promise to provide safe and secure banking.

If you're looking for a Bank that feels the way you do about the Keys, run by locals, like you, who have a real commitment to improving the environment, join First State Bank today!

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