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Personal Banking - Bank Cards
VISA® Credit Card
Cash CowSM ATM & Debit Card
Blocked Debit Card Information
Debit & ATM Card Security Tips

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VISA® Credit Card

We offer a variety of credit cards to meet your needs.  Become a card member and enjoy a wide range of benefits including competitive introductory rates and your choice of rewards program.

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Online account access provides the quickest and easiest way to:

  • Activate your credit card
  • Make payments
  • Transfer balances
  • Request limit increases
  • View Statements
  • And much more
Once you receive your credit card, simply access your account by clicking on the link below.

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Cash CowSM ATM & Debit Card

Our Cash CowSM ATM & Debit Card provides all of the features of an ATM Card plus it allows you to use your card to purchase items at any business that accepts VISA®. The funds for your purchases come right out of your checking account as if you had written a check. What could be easier!

ATM/Debit card fraud continues to increase. To help protect your account and fight fraudulent activity, FSB has taken action to block transactions in certain foreign countries. Please contact Customer Service at (305) 296-8535 prior to traveling outside of the country to ensure your transactions will be honored.

Open an account at any branch or Contact us Today!

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Blocked Debit Card Information

In order to protect customers from debit card fraud and reduce unauthorized charges, First State Bank of the Florida Keys uses a sophisticated behavioral scoring system to closely monitor all debit card transactions.

As a result, some debit card transactions may be blocked by the system if any unusual or suspicious activity is detected on a customer’s account. Additionally, debit card related transactions may be blocked by specific retail categories, like liquor stores and gas stations, or by location, such as specific states or countries where fraudulent activity is suspected.

REMEMBER - Debit cards can be used 2 ways, as a signature CREDIT purchase or as a DEBIT purchase, which requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to complete the transaction. If a signature CREDIT purchase does not receive authorization, customers should try using the DEBIT PIN as a secure way of completing the transaction.

I. Blocked Cards:
If a debit card transaction has been rejected, customers should consider taking the following actions:
1. Try using the PIN (Personal Identification Number) to complete the transaction.
2. Try using the debit card at an ATM using the secure PIN.
3. Call or Visit one of our Keyswide branches for assistance.
II. Information:
1. If any unusual activity occurs that is suspected of being fraudulent, the Bank will attempt to contact the customer to verify the transaction(s).
2. If we can not reach the customer, the card will be limited to PIN-based only transactions, allowing the customer to make purchases or withdrawals only when using the secure PIN.
3. Transactions that are blocked for fraud by retail classification (e.g. liquor stores) or by location are typically only blocked for signature-based transactions, allowing the customer to complete the purchase using a secure PIN.
4. If customers are contacted and verify that the charges are legitimate, the debit card will be unblocked to resume normal purchase activity.
a. If the customer verifies that the charges are not legitimate at the time we make contact, First State Bank of the Florida Keys reserves the right to inactivate the debit card and issue a new card.
5. If a debit card is blocked for fraudulent activity, every attempt will be made to contact the customer. Therefore, customers should ensure that the Bank has current home, work, and cell phone numbers as well as e-mail address on file.
a. Customers can update contact information by signing in to Online Banking and clicking the “Address Change” tab in the left-hand navigation under the “Services” category.
III. Protect & Minimize Risk:
1. Notify the Bank of any upcoming travel plans or large/unusual purchases.
2. Always carry a secondary method of payment, such as a credit card or cash.
3. If the PIN is compromised or knowledge of the PIN is suspected, change the PIN at any First State Bank of the Florida Keys Branch ATM.
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Debit & ATM Card Security Tips

Debit & ATM cards are a convenient way to make purchases & manage your finances, but it's important to keep your money secure!

  • Create a unique PIN.
  • Keep your PIN confidential. Memorize it, don't write it down.
  • Conceal your PIN from onlookers when entering at an ATM or terminal.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone. The Bank will never ask for your PIN.
  • Store your card in a secure location & never lend it to anyone.
  • Report missing or stolen cards immediately at 1(800) 554-8969.
  • Always take your card & receipt after completing a transaction.
  • Review your bank statements regularly & report discrepancies immediately.
As a special service to protect your account(s), First State Bank of the Florida Keys reserves the right to restrict card use for risky activities & suspicious geographic regions around the world.


Pick up your FREE copy of our "Avoid Identity Theft" brochure at any First State Bank Office Today!

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